The Department of Surgery’s FIRST Program was established in 2017 to provide a robust clinical research platform upon which clinical research can be cultivated, nourished, and expanded.

Clinical research serves as the catalyst for patient care that is innovative, cutting edge, and empirically supported. The design and execution of high-quality clinical research is time-intensive and requires investigators who are deeply committed to generating and advancing new knowledge to inform clinical practice. Thus, a robust research infrastructure is necessary to manage the myriad tasks associated with study implementation, data collection and storage, biostatistics, and regulations guiding the conduct of research with human research participants. Moreover, a framework is necessary for supporting and mentoring the next generation of clinical-investigators who will identify innovative solutions to existing challenges in the care of the surgical patient.

The FIRST Program represents a comprehensive effort to:

  • Advance scientific discovery and foster the translation of research into clinical practice to improve the lives of our patients
  • Provide Department of Surgery faculty, fellows and residents with robust and comprehensive clinical research support
  • Employ dedicated clinical research staff with extensive experience in all facets of clinical research conducted in the Department of Surgery
  • Consolidate clinical research resources and expertise in the department
  • Provide mentorship and guidance to clinical investigators and research staff
  • Position the Department of Surgery to compete successfully for industry, federal, and private foundation funding
  • Serve as a formal liaison between the Department’s clinical research programs and regulatory agencies, including the Institutional Review Board, Office of Human Research Protections, and Clinical Trials Office, among others

The FIRST Program offers a comprehensive menu of services to clinical investigators in the Department of Surgery. To request services, please complete the Services Request form.